Basic Workout Routine for Busy Women

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The purpose of basic workout routine is to give you maximum benefits for minimum time.

Basic workout routine is a combination of exercises for main muscles in the body.

Usually I recommend doing exercises for minimum 50-60 minutes, but sometimes we have time constraints and 20 minutes of exercises is better than nothing.

My exercise videos are 20 minutes long and you can do them one after one depending on free time you have.

Below you can find my workout routines for full body, for cellulite, for weight loss and of course basic workout routine – the last one is very good when you are short in time or when you often skip your workout and want to engage entire body muscles for minimum time.

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When you have to do basic workout routine?

– When your daily activities swallow all your time but you want to stay fit.

– When you several times skip your usual workouts your muscles languish and you have to prepare them before you return to your usual workout regimen.

– If you are a beginner and never workout. Basic workout routine will prepare your body for exercises for different muscles. You have to know that you will experience muscle sore. The only cure for this is keep on workout, but in light manner until you feel relief – usually muscular sore lasts for 3 days.

When you shouldn’t do basic workout routine?

– Our bodies have many muscles. It is good to give “tasks” to all of them. Of course it is not possible to workout every muscle in the body, but it is good to use as much of them as you can. It is very good practice to workout different muscles in different days. Why? Because you can do 2 or 3 exercises for one muscle group in one workout and the impact from this workout is better. If you split exercises for different muscles in different days, you have to know that muscles need rest. Alternating workouts you give rest to your muscles.

– It is not healthy to workout only some of your muscles. You have to try to workout as many muscles as you can.

– There is no magic workout. If one workout is good for some reason and obstacles, it is not good for other thing. My advice is to change your workout every 4-8 weeks.

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