Back thigh muscles allow us to fold legs back

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Machine for back thigh muscles – in the gym there is usually a bench on which people lie face down and fold legs back towards the butt and there is weight that makes the motion difficult and inserts tension on the back thigh muscles. You can achieve the same without going to the gym by raising the leg backwards from a standing position.

Stand up and hold to a chair (table, wall) for support. Flex your legs and butt. Bend the knee of the support leg slightly and raise the opposite leg backwards and up; hold for a while at the top of the movement to feel the tension on the back thigh muscles.

The important points in this exercise for back thigh muscles are the following:
– Keep your toes counter-pointed. It will insert more tension on the muscles and prevent stiffening.
– Hold at the top of the movement to increase the effect from the exercise.
– Breathe out while raising the leg and breathe in while lowering it.
– Bring down your legs close to the floor but do not touch it.
– Hold your back straight to protect the waist from injury.
– Tighten the butt and abs to draw additional benefit from the exercise.

Backward leg raises:

Raise one leg back 20 times. Rest while shaking it slightly. Raise the opposite leg 20 times. Make 3 sets of 20 on each leg. Perform the exercise every morning except on weekends.

In the morning your body needs time to get in shape for exercising so warm up the back of your thighs in the following manner:

While standing up, bend down towards the floor and relax. Do not push or move to the sides, relax in a convenient position that causes neither pain nor discomfort.

Breathing calmly, without making effort. If breathing is difficult, you are pushing too much and need to rise a little. Remain bent down towards the floor for 30 seconds. Rise slowly. Breathe in and out 3 times and bend down again. Relax and let your hands hang down towards your toes. Bounce really slightly with your hands towards the floor, feeling no pain and breathing normally. Rise slowly. Bend slowly down towards the floor and rise slowly up; repeat the movement 10 times.

In this warm-up it is important to keep your back straight while moving up and down. When you are rising, flex the muscles on the back of hips and the butt. Visualize pulling yourself up by means of the back of your legs and butt.

Warm up back thigh muscles

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