Aromatherapy is way to relax after workout or any other activity

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Aromatherapy is easy and pleasant way to relax after strong feelings or workout routines. There are fragrances, which provoke our emotions. In my case this is the aroma of fruit and essential plant oils.

I love taking hot baths and massaging my body with shower gel that smells of apricot, peach, orange, water melon or kiwi. I would foam a small quantity of gel between my palms first and then rub it slowly and gently all over my body. I enjoy the touch of foam over my skin and the fragrance that mixes with the warm vapors. The aromatherapy with aroma of fruit reminds me of sun warmth and life.

I like massaging my muscles under the shower in the mornings in order to wake them up and prepare them for the movements during the day. The splashes of water, the massage and the aroma of fruit (especially that of apricot) bring vigour into my body.

Essential oils aromatherapy

In the evening, after I come home, I like to light a candle and evaporate a few drops of essential oil over its flame. I like pure oils and combinations of various aromas.

Essential oils are usually highly concentrated and are to be used in small quantities for aromatherapy. A few drops are sufficient to revive you.

I like tea tree oil most because it has a strong effect on me. I add it to facial masks and body massage oils. I get pleasure from the therapeutic massage after workout routine, when I add 20 drops of tea tree oil to the oil of the masseur. Tea tree oil has a very strong antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect. Some articles claim it is more efficient than antibiotics. I strongly believe in its effect and maybe this is how I enhance it. It is important to know that tea tree has a very strong and specific fragrance. There are people who find it too sharp. You will most probably either fall in love with this aroma or not like it at all.

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Herb aromatherapy

The fragrance of juniper soothes the nerves. If you are tired, nervous or have been subjected to strong emotions, take a juniper bath. Put the equivalent of 4 cups of water to boil, add juniper leaves and let the mixture boil for 5 minutes. Strain and add the juniper tea to the water in the bathtub. Relax in it with your eyes closed and breathe calmly. Visualize a green meadow and yourself lying on the grass, sensing the strong fragrance, breathing calmly and dreaming. When the water becomes cool, stand up slowly and take a shower. Towel-dry your body, rubbing energetically so that your skin reddens slightly. This will bring you out of the relaxed state caused by the juniper bath and you will be ready for party, work or whatever you would like to do next. If you are planning to go to bed after the bath of juniper, skip the vigorous towel rubbing. Just dry your body lightly and go straight to bed.

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