Arm Exercises for Women

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Wear Summer Tops with Confidence

Below is my latest video with arm exercises. It is good to combine it with exercises to reduce cellulite video. To download it to your computer, right mouse click, chose “Save target/file”, than browse on your computer to the place you want to save the video.

Download Arm exercises video for Windows users

Download Arm workout video for Mac users

In this video I combine in 1 movement 3 basic arm exercises:

Bicep Curl

Shoulder Press

Triceps Extension

I don’t like isolated exercises and I like combination of them, because the movement brings additional benefits like:

– Developing mobility

– Your core is involved too

– In your daily life it is most probably to have situations when you need strength of all your arm muscles instead of need of isolated arm movement.

Remember, that if you want to lose weight and tone your body you need to do whole body exercise routines, not only exercises for arms.

If you have excessive fat around your arms you need to follow a diet plan to lose the fat. Exercises can tighten the muscles, but diet creates calorie deficiency which means you use stored fat for energy.

Here is healthy weight loss in 3 weeks.

I want to stress that doing arm exercises will not directly burn the fat around arms. Arm exercises tone arm muscles and burn energy, but fat can not be toned, it only can be burned.

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