Am I doing the right diet plan?

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by Emma
(Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)

I want to lose 5 or maybe 6 kilograms. I think am not overweight (weight: 53 kilos; height: 163 cm) but I want to get back to my old fit body which was 48 kilos without butt and stomach looking like jelly.

For that reason, few days ago I have started doing your Workout Routines, but as you said I need to pay attention on my meals.

I plan to workout twice a day, 40 min in the mornings and an our at nights.

For breakfast I eat vegetables and boiled meet, sometimes and a little bread(at 10 am) because during the lunch time I am at work and I can’t eat anything cooked.

So, from Monday to Friday I skip lunch. For dinner I eat fruit(an apple and tangerine).

At the weekends I have got 3 meals definitely with more calories.I try to avoid fast food and sweets as much as I can but I still eat some of them one or twice a week.

I think that isn’t big deal because I used to eat a small bar of chocolate every day and I was very skinny.

So I want to reach that kind of skinny look. Will this help me? I’ve only got 4 months till the summer =)

Answer from Rumi

Hi Emma, you really don’t seems to be overweight, but I know what skinny look you want because I want it too :-)

Your workout time is enough to lose weight and you exercise plan is good.

BUT your diet plan is not good and you will not achieve maximum results.

What I suggest as a good weight loss diet plan is:

Breakfast: vegetables and boiled meat.

Snack: An apple.

Lunch: Bring with you 2-3 boiled eggs, they are small and no prob to take it in your purse.

Dinner: Grilled or boiled meet and salad.

Please don’t eat any sweets for the time you want to lose weight. The thing is that sweets don’t give you the chance to lose weight.

You think I eat them every day when you were skinny but you WERE skinny and didn’t get more kilos or lose weight. A small amount of sweets don’t make you put on weight.

BUT when you want to lose weight sweets diminish all your efforts.

My advice is to stop sweets and bread during the diet plan and to have only an apple per day (which also is sweet, but anyway you need some carbs to sustain life).

Here are my diet plans, they all work and you can take meal ideas from there.


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