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Hello, first thank you for your useful and nice site. I want to ask you if I followed the diet “lose 10 pounds in 3 days” would I get it back more after quitting the diet?



I think you need to understand why people lose or gain weight.

When you eat fewer calories than you spent – you lose weight.

When you eat more calories than you spent – you gain weight.

When you eat as much as you spent – you stay the weight you want.

Back to your question. While people following a diet they lose weight. After they stop dieting they start to eat a lot – if you do this you will get back what you lost during the diet.

After you stop the diet you can eat more than during the diet – usually this means around 200 calories per day for women and 2500 for men (but this depends on many things and is just an average).

For example during the diet you eat 1200-1500 calories to lose weight. Than after the diet You can eat 2000 calories per day and you will keep your weight. But if you eat 3000 calories per day you will get your weight back.

There is no diet that can guarantee that if you stuff yourself with food you will not gain weight.

So the answer of your question is: You could keep the loosen weight if you eat around 2000 calories per day. If you start to eat more, like 3000 calories per day – you will gain weight back.

So, my diet could help you to lose weight and if you study the recipes in it you could learn how to prepare healthy food and to keep the achieved. It depends on you to keep the hard earned results or to throw them away!

I recommend the long diet – 21 days, so you body will start to steadily lose weight and you will learn from what you achieve every day. I know I charge for this diet, but in my opinion the price is affordable and I want to cover some expenses I have to support this site. If you can’t afford the price, please comment here and I will send you the diet for free.

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Leave comments here if you have further questions.


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