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Women-Workout-Routines.com is a website aimed at those interested in Workouts, Exercises, Healthy Eating and Cooking; and Living Healthy.

You will find:

  • Home workout videos. These exercise videos are aimed to help you with your daily workout routines. Most of the workouts are only bodyweight exercises and can be done in a small place at home or outside. Some of the workouts have exercises with dumbbells which you can replace with mineral water bottles, but it is better to buy a set of dumbbells.
  • A collection of healthy eating recipes, most of them are vegetarian and time for preparation is under 30 minutes. You can print these recipes.
  • A repository of useful articles about living healthy. These articles are aimed to help you with all aspects of starting and living healthy life style.
  • Who is Rumiana Ilieva (aka Rumi)?

    In Burgas, the city I am born

    Hi, I am Rumiana Ilieva and I’m the writer and certified personal trainer behind this website.

    I have practiced many ways to keep my body active – aerobics, step aerobics, power workout, fitness, yoga, stretching and found a way to exercise very effectively and I have fun doing it.

    Currently I teach people how to exercise in the most effective way, spending under 30 minutes per day and have fun.

    On my 35th birthday and my blue period :)

    When I started this blog in 2006 I was fitness enthusiast but in 2010 I decide to go to a next level and study for a personal trainer. Now my enthusiasm is lined with solid fitness knowledge.

    My blog has Free and Members content. All my workouts can be viewed for free, but only members can download full length workouts where I do exercises in real time. Members have more privileges like diet plans, cooking books and they get all my upcoming premium content for free.

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    Birthday cake was a bag !

    On Empire State building, NY

    With my sister, forest walk

    Black sea beach

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