A Fast Way to Lose weight

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by Rumi · 279 comments

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by Rumi
(Sofia, Bulgaria)

Want to Help You Find Out the Fastest Way to Lose Weight?

Than Share Your Weight Loss Challenges

Hi, to all that want to lose weight fast. I am Rumi, born in 1975 and in my thirties I look like am in my twenties. And all these are because I eat and exercise EFFECTIVELY, without spending much time and effort. I want to share my knowledge in the most convenient way for you.

As I am constantly getting the same question from you “What is the fastest way to lose weight?”, I decided to write a SHORT ebook about it.

The book will be FREE for download

and I’ll let you know when it is ready.
The book will contain food and exercise parts

I have ideas what to include in the book, but want to be sure that this book will not lose your time (and mine).

So, please USE THE COMMENTS below to answer some of the questions bellow (or all of them), or write about any challenge you met in your weight loss journey.

Helpful questions what YOU want me to write about:

Please, use your own words and tell me where you want help, what makes you overwhelmed.

1. What EXERCISES you need – tell me which the most problematic body spots are?

2. Do you want me to record home exercise videos? How long to be (what time per day you can spend doing exercises)? Which body parts to target?

3. What is the biggest challenge when you start exercising? Do you exercise at home or gym or which of them you prefer?

4. What you eat is very important: describe your diet challenges, give examples what you eat. Tell me do you have time to cook (10 mins per day, 1 hour?), so I know what kind of food ideas to give you.

5. What you have tried and didn’t work.

6. Anything you want to share.

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