Healthy 3 Day Diet Plan That Works!

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This 3 day diet plan is very powerful and you lose at least a pound per day, the only requirement is to strictly follow the rule: eat only from the allowed foods, nothing else, no exceptions!!!

This is very short diet, so don’t cheat, follow the 3 day diet religiously and you will see results in just 3 days. Although I want to be clear that 3 days are not enough for stable weight loss results, but if you want to wear that new dress or to look perfect for a party or any other urgent reason, it will work.

You can’t lose too much fat for 3 days, but you can lose much water. That’s why you MUST drink lots of water in order to lose water. Yes, this is true: when you want to beat water retain, just drink more water and your body will do the job.

First day
Eat only chicken breasts. You can eat how much you want, no limits for the amount of food, but ONLY chicken breast. Bake them, boil with salt, grilled them (don’t fry). My advice is to prepare chicken breast in advance and to carry them on with you in a plastic bag, box or what else. Be sure to eat ONLY chicken breast. Also be sure that you drink 8 glasses of water at least or more. The only thing you can add to the chicken is salt and seasoning, but no sauce, no dressing, no mayo, did I say nothing?

Second day
Eat only tuna in brine with lettuce. Canned tuna is in many variations in oil, in sauce, like a salad etc. But you need tuna in brine – this is the diet type of tuna that cause weight loss, other types of canned tuna will not work. Again you can eat as much as you want from tuna and lettuce, just don’t add oil to the lettuce or tuna. You can add only salt and vinegar, if you don’t follow this rule the 3 day diet will not work for you. Drink at least 8 glasses of water.

Third day
Eat only fish and tomatoes – chose from hake fillet or trout fillet. Again boil, bake or grill the fish, no fry. Eat fish and tomatoes as much as you want many times per day. Only salt and vinegar are allowed to add to the tomatoes. Drink at least 8 glasses of water.

You can increase the power of 3 day diet plan with exercises. Do 3 of my exercise videos every day.

After 3 days you will see the results – less weight and better look. My advice is to continue dieting in order to achieve long lasting weight loss results. It is OK if you decide to stop dieting, but you’ve already achieved hard results, why not continue with one of my 1 week diet plans which will guarantee many pounds off, better health and look? The choice is yours; you know what is important for you :-).

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